Bible Animals (98 pictures)
Animals of the Torah comprise of those animals frequently mentioned in Chumash (livestock, kosher animals for offerings,etc.) and non-kosher animals (as defined by Chazal of blessed memory).

 Biblical Numbers (99 pictures)
Biblical Numbers that are mentioned in the Torah. They are referenced in the age of people, census, measurements, etc. Pink words are feminine and blue are masculine. Grey words are used for both.

 Jewish Calendar (56 pictures)
Topics pertaining to the Jewish calendar, months and holidays.

 Bible Vocabulary (291 pictures)
The most common root words (shorashim), שרשים, found in the Torah and popular words arranged according to Torah portions.

Grammar (dikduk) rules for studying Torah including recognizing prefix and suffix letters associated with object and subject pronouns, gender, plurality for the past and future tenses.

 Bible People (60 pictures)
Important personalities in the Torah including the twelve tribes of Israel, the Patriarchs and Matriachs, Kings, Judges, Prophets, etc.

 Israel (43 pictures)

Pictures pertaining to the land of Israel.

Printed and written forms of the Hebrew Alphabet, their English transliterations and their numeral representations, Gematria.

There are 8 categories in this gallery.

In total there are 855 pictures in the categories.
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